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How to mining for cryptocurrency

There are several ways to get Bitcoin or mining cryptocurrency, namely the process of mining to get Bitcoin. The process can be done yourself with crypto mining hardware or join a mining pool and share the benefits such as cloud mining.

Fans of Bitcoin and digital assets WorldWide are increasing. until April 2022, crypto-asset transactions reached USD 370 trillion. However, the public must be vigilant and understand the characteristics of crypto assets.

The trend of buying and selling crypto assets is predicted to continue to grow. In 2020, the Asia people who transact crypto assets will reach 8 million people with a transaction value of USD 65 trillion. The latest data in May 2021 reported the number of people transacting crypto assets rose to 12 million people.

This was revealed by Vitalik Buterin in his Twitter entitled "Managing Crypto Asset Fever: Investor Protection in Crypto Asset Trading". One of the popular crypto assets is Bitcoin. As of Tuesday (30/06), Bitcoin recorded the largest inflow in five weeks with a total of US $ 247 million, according to a Certore report in Crypto News Media.

Understanding the Mining Process

There are several ways to get Bitcoin, including the mining process or mining. Bitcoin requires a combination of software and network technology consisting of thousands of machines to run Bitcoin software.

Their second job is to pass on the transaction information and verify the transaction to ensure the same Bitcoin cannot be spent twice. All transactions go through a verification process called "mining".

According to the book Getting started with Bitcoins, mining also acts as a mechanism for producing and distributing Bitcoins. Mining is the act of adding transactions to the blockchain so that everyone can agree on the same set of transactions.

This was my first miner purchase, and I'm sure like you, I tried to do as much research as I could to find a legitimate online seller I was going send my money to. I found HashDeploy and couldn't be
Great! Delivered as promised
Карты пришли быстро, упакованы очень хорошо. По внешнему виду карты трудились долго и очень усердно, видны потёртости, сколы. Работоспособность пока не проверял

How to mine using a computer. A computer that does mining is called a crypto miner. The mining process is related to the blockchain. The process starts with the verification of transactions in the blockchain. Once verified, the transaction will be entered into the blockchain to earn Bitcoins.

Before being declared a valid transaction, all transactions made at a time are aggregated into a block for calculation. This calculation is called the mining process or mining.

The benefit of the mining method is that people who become successful miners don't need to know how to count and do math. However, users of the mining method must-have software and hardware with high specifications to mine Bitcoin.

How to Mining Bitcoin

Based on the book Getting to Know Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, the process of mining Bitcoin requires special tools. The way to mine Bitcoin is to use a tool called ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit).

ASICs are special electronic circuits created to perform mathematical calculations in the Bitcoin system. ASIC capabilities include higher specific calculations than ordinary computers as well as lower electrical power.

Miners can generate Bitcoin more efficiently in terms of fees. There are several things to consider when using an ASIC, including the cost of equipment, preparing a refrigerated room, and paying the electricity bill.

When mining Bitcoin alone, all profits made from new blocks will be owned by yourself. The reward or reward that a miner gets when he finds a new block is 25 BTC (Bitcoin units).

The ability of miners to earn Bitcoins is determined by adequate computer hardware specifications. Using crypto miner tools is a way to get free Bitcoins. The capital is in the form of computer hardware that processes mining.

However, mining is quite difficult due to high competition so it can take a long time to produce a block from mining yourself. Therefore, small miners can join a mining pool, which is a group of other miners who join to do mining together. The results can be greater than mining Bitcoin yourself.

When a mining pool wins a block, the profits are divided equally for each miner according to their contribution. The profit sharing system is generally based on the number of shares successfully completed by the mining machine.

There is also a way of mining Bitcoin using a computer is as follows:

  1. Download the GUIMiner app.
  2. There are several popular mining pools, one of which is Slush. Register for one of the mining pools through the site.
  3. Prepare a username, password, and email address.
  4. Verify by clicking the link sent to the email address.
  5. Before running the GUIMiner application, create a worker for the Slush system to monitor its performance.
  6. After worker registration, Bitcoin mining can be started using the GUIMiner application.


Staking is a method centered on trading crypto assets. The way it works is to store assets in a wallet that has a staking service. Investor assets are stored in the blockchain with a consensus Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm within a certain period of time.

The profit earned depends on the price, amount and activity of the locked crypto asset. Lockdown duration also has an effect on profits. This method is suitable for investors who aim to earn passive income from cryptocurrencies.

However, in-depth research to choose a platform should be done before choosing a staking method. This trust is important because investors will lock their crypto assets for a certain period of time. During the lockdown, investors cannot sell coins.

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Mining Bitcoin with USB Stick

Mining Bitcoin with USB Stick : Gekkoscience Compac Crypto Miner

A standard ASIC Bitcoin miner is a shoebox-sized piece of equipment, which consumes more electricity than most desktop computers. Because such devices cram a lot of mining chips (which includes several circuit boards) into one case, they end up being big, hot, noisy, and heavy.

Although economic efficiency supports this design, Bitcoin miners are not necessarily built this way. Each USB Bitcoin Miner is about the size of a memory stick; this is proof that a mining chip or two (contained in a compact device) is all you need to mine cryptocurrencies.

Minable Coins.

USB Bitcoin miners can also mine 13 other SHA-256 coins, including Bitcoin Cash, Peercoin, and Namecoin. You can see the full list on CoinWarz, which also lets you calculate the USB miner's hashrate profitability for each coin.

Good from USB Miner.

  • The advantage of USB miners is that they don't need a separate power supply or their own internet connection. They connect directly to any desktop or laptop computer, and share their resources.
  • USB miners don't generate a lot of heat, so they usually don't require cooling from an internal or external fan, or air conditioner.
  • Ordinary mining hardware produces a loud whining sound. But since the USB miner doesn't have a built-in fan, you can mine at home or in the office, without causing any noise pollution.
  • The small size of the USB miner means no rack or storage solution is required.
  • These miners are also easy to transport. So unlike ASIC units, they are very cheap to ship.
    USB miners are pretty cheap. You can easily find them for under $100 on Minerst Company, whereas regular miners sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  • Multiple USB miners can be plugged into different ports on a computer or into a multiport USB hub.

Not Good USB Miner

  • The main drawback of USB miners is the relatively low hashrate. Most USB miners only feature one outdated ASIC mining chip.
  • To match the hashrate of modern standalone ASIC miners, you need to spend more money on miners and USB devices, to run them.

Use Case for USB Miner

Don't expect big money — or even small money — from a USB miner. Profits like this are a thing of the past.

So USB miners are definitely not an economical option for miners. You are almost guaranteed to lose money running a USB miner, unless the price of Bitcoin really spikes. But even so, you'll make more money running regular mining hardware.

However, the USB miner is a fun educational device. This is a good way to learn about aspects of mining that involve software and hardware — or even electronics in general — without investing hundreds of dollars. USB miners can also be an interesting tool to teach others about this field.

If you want to experiment with overclocking or underclocking ASIC miners, USB sticks are a great choice. Better to blow up a $50 Stickminer than a full $1000+ ASIC miner! Many experts recommend getting a USB hub for overclocking, which can supply enough power for USB miners.

The last use of USB miners is to collect them as Bitcoin memorabilia, much like physical Bitcoins. They can be an interesting piece of conversation, especially for those who have stories to tell about Bitcoin's early days.

This was my first miner purchase, and I'm sure like you, I tried to do as much research as I could to find a legitimate online seller I was going send my money to. I found HashDeploy and couldn't be
Great! Delivered as promised
Карты пришли быстро, упакованы очень хорошо. По внешнему виду карты трудились долго и очень усердно, видны потёртости, сколы. Работоспособность пока не проверял

The Best USB Miner Available Today

If you're looking to pick up a cheap USB miner for educational purposes, a used Block Erupter Sapphire is available on Minerst, and it's a fair choice. It has a hash of 333 MH/s, and a new one sells on Minerst for about $35. A used one will be about half the price.

6 Block Eraser and fans6 Block Erupters in USB hub, along with positionable fan

The USB Antminer U1 Bitmain reaches 1.6 GH/s. A new Antminer sells for $33, and a used one sells for around $12.50. In terms of advantages, it is a slightly better choice than ancient Sapphire.

Antminer U1Antminer U1 Bitmain

Stickminer GekkoScience 2Pac
Are you looking for something that can earn you more coins? Maybe a small number of SHA256 altcoins? Then we recommend the GekkoScience 2Pac Stickminer. Bear in mind that it will not generate Bitcoin.

GekkoScience 2PAC
This miner contains two Bitmain BM1384 chips, which are the same chips used in the Antminer S5. Mining device with a maximum hashrate of 15 GH/s, which makes it the most powerful USB miner available.

Since the 2Pac is about the same price as the Sapphire or U1, it offers the best value for money, as well as the most power efficiency. So you really can't go wrong. However to achieve maximum mining speed, you will have to manually adjust the frequency and power of the device.

Although this Stickminer contains a Bitmain chip, it is manufactured by GekkoScience, a hobby electronics company. 2Pac is the successor to GekkoScience Compac, which reaches a hashrate of 8 GH/s.

You can buy a 2Pac from a recommended reseller, or maybe another retailer in the official forum thread. Currently on sale on forums for a minimum price of $32, plus $10 shipping in the US. Plus, you can find them on Amazon, eBay or Minerst .

In the forums, you can find more information or ask support questions. Since these USB miners still enjoy a lot of community support, they are probably the best choice for learning purposes. So, chances are, someone will be able to offer to help if you run into a deadlock.

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BTC Miner, Profitable Bitcoin Investment Way.

BTC Miner, Profitable Bitcoin Investment Way

In recent years the internet world has been very busy with the term Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, BTC Miner or Bitcoin Miner. We already know, Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies alias cryptocurrency that is in great demand by the world in recent years.

The function of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange is still limited even though its access continues to grow. Its main advantage now is as an investment tool that is able to provide high returns.

Bitcoin can be owned in various ways, including buying it or mining it. Buying Bitcoin currently requires large capital, because the price per unit is currently around IDR 525 million as of May 23, 2021.

Another way is to mine Bitcoins by solving complex math problems with special supercomputer algorithms. For each problem that is successfully solved, a prize will be given in the form of Bitcoin. These miners are called BTC Miners. Lately the number of BTC Miners is growing.

What is BTC Miner or Bitcoin Miner ?

Bitcoin miner is one way to get bitcoin. Where, we see bitcoin as a virtual and digital global financial system that stores various transaction histories (or the process of money movement). While bitcoin transactions are being processed by the bitcoin network, ensure that all transactions are properly recorded.

Simply put, these bitcoins are processed not by individuals or companies, but by thousands of computers around the world that are connected to the internet. This activity is known as miner or miner which means mining.

Different from direct buyers, BTC Miners need capital in the form of strong computer hardware, electricity costs, and cooling machines. The reason is, this mining process will last 24 hours so that the results are maximized.

The performance of the BTC miner device can be measured by the Hash Rate that has been achieved. This computing power meter is calculated using Megahashes, Gigahashes and Terahashes per second. Bitcoin mining tools evolve from CPU, GPU, and FPGA Mining. Now BTC miners are made easier with the presence of a more compact system called ASIC Mining.

The abbreviation taken from the word Application Specific Integrated Circuit utilizes hardware with a special chip to mine Bitcoin. The appearance is also much more attractive although of course the price is still very expensive at this time. There are a number of ASIC-based mining hardware that are often recommended for BTC Miners.

In addition to being easy for beginners to use, this hardware can also provide the best results when combined with adequate software, as reported by coinswitch

This was my first miner purchase, and I'm sure like you, I tried to do as much research as I could to find a legitimate online seller I was going send my money to. I found HashDeploy and couldn't be
Great! Delivered as promised
Карты пришли быстро, упакованы очень хорошо. По внешнему виду карты трудились долго и очень усердно, видны потёртости, сколы. Работоспособность пока не проверял

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Is MatchX M2 pro miner the next Helium miner? How much does MatchX M2 pro mine?

This article is for those who are currently mining Helium (HNT) or for those who are looking to start making passive income with a MatchX M2 pro.

We decided to structure this article by comparing the similarities and differences between Matchx GMBH and Helium.

MatchX vs Helium

If you’re too lazy 😴 to read this 6 min article and rather learn by doing, simply buy a miner here.

Let’s start by briefly giving some background about MatchX. Just like Helium, MatchX is looking to build a decentralized network using Lo-ran technology. Over the last few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) applications have been significantly improving and the number of utilities is only going to get better.

The collection of data is critical for urban infrastructures and governance. The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the core of data collection for empirical urban policy-making. Plenty of connected devices are sensing data across cities: in vehicles, infrastructure and buildings.

With over 600k miners, Helium has made an impact and we are already seeing its usefulness today.

How is MatchX changing the world? 🌍

We have had our fair share of frustrations with WiFi and Bluetooth — two primitive and limited technologies that has frequent drops in connectivity and limited reach. There is a massive strain placed on the current wireless systems causing network overcapacity and leading to loss of data.

MatchX aims to solve this problem by leveraging LoRaWAN.

For devices that need to send small amounts of data over long distances without exhausting their batteries, LoRaWAN is the state-of-the-art smart city network technology.

MatchX, just like Helium, is competing with each other to bring a complete decentralized network.

Two very different companies with different strategies, mining, hardware are calling us to help bring the network to life.

How do they compare?

Both Helium and Match X are using the blockchain to build a decentralized network. Investors who purchased miners are rewarded cryptocurrency for providing wireless coverage for data transmission of their clients. The blockchain rewards Helium miners with standalone crypto known as HNT, while Match miners are rewarded with MXC. The matchx m2 pro IoT miner is also knows as the bitcoin mining pro.

MatchX is currently stating that the mining rewards are somewhere between $10-$15/ day. You might wonder how this is sustainable for MatchX and how they plan on continuing to pay the community with such high rewards.

Let’s show how this would be possible by explaining how the early days of Helium Mining resemble today’s MXC mining.

At the beginning of Helium, a miner would make 120 HNT a month. Which was very impressive given that there was no usefulness to the network. A miner that cost 450$ was able to pay itself in less than 30 days.

Let’s not forget the many gamification Helium would allow with miners being able to spoof.

You might think that this was done by recklessness but the truth is that at such an early stage of their growth, companies don’t have time to go after the network. Their sole interest at that stage is growth and distribution. As the network grows, they can improve the protocol incentivizing miners the right way. Over time, as predicted, Helium did a crackdown on the spoofing, and rewards were reduced to their much more reasonable state at 6 HNT average a month.

The same phenomena are currently happening with MatchX. MatchX is currently paying the network somewhere between $12-$15 per day. We don’t believe that these rewards will continue to change anytime soon but we are definitely seeing the same patern as Helium.

How much is MatchX M2 pro profitability?💸

Given the current earnings, the helium miner’s ROI (return on investment) is about 5–6 months depending on where you live. The ROI of the m2 pro miner is about 6–7 months. And that is given the current earnings without any price fluctuation.

How many miners can you place in one location?

As of March 2022, new regulation have been in place which no longer punishes 2 M2 pro’s in one location. Ongoing, there will be a maximum of 10 M2 pro miners within 2 KM radius without any penalties of proximity miners. This change means, 11th miner within the 2km vicinity will be affected by a 20% miner health reduction, 12th by 40%, 13th by 60%, 14th by 80% and a 15th by 100% any further additions above 15 would have the same issue as the fifteenth miner. The 2km diameter will be demonstrated within the Data Dash App and will be shown within a hexagonal diameter. This principle is based on a Miner fuel tank basis, meaning if there are10 miners within a 2km diameter, and an 11th wishes to join the diameter of the others within the network then a review of the MXC tank will be made.

There are lots of great Youtubers who have already provided us with great MatchX M2 pro review. If you want to watch a real case study of Azeez mining $110/day.

Do we think MXC would reach Helium Market-cap?

We thought it was important to compare both market-cap as both projects are in different stages.

As of March 2022, Helium currently has over 600K miners deployed while MatchX has less than 2k. If MXC reaches the market cap of Helium your return would be upwards of 1000%.

With such a low market cap, there is a lot of room for some great returns.

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