BTC Miner, Profitable Bitcoin Investment Way

BTC Miner, Profitable Bitcoin Investment Way.

In recent years the internet world has been very busy with the term Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, BTC Miner or Bitcoin Miner. We already know, Bitcoin is one of the digital currencies alias cryptocurrency that is in great demand by the world in recent years.

The function of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange is still limited even though its access continues to grow. Its main advantage now is as an investment tool that is able to provide high returns.

Bitcoin can be owned in various ways, including buying it or mining it. Buying Bitcoin currently requires large capital, because the price per unit is currently around IDR 525 million as of May 23, 2021.

Another way is to mine Bitcoins by solving complex math problems with special supercomputer algorithms. For each problem that is successfully solved, a prize will be given in the form of Bitcoin. These miners are called BTC Miners. Lately the number of BTC Miners is growing.

What is BTC Miner or Bitcoin Miner ?

Bitcoin miner is one way to get bitcoin. Where, we see bitcoin as a virtual and digital global financial system that stores various transaction histories (or the process of money movement). While bitcoin transactions are being processed by the bitcoin network, ensure that all transactions are properly recorded.

Simply put, these bitcoins are processed not by individuals or companies, but by thousands of computers around the world that are connected to the internet. This activity is known as miner or miner which means mining.

Different from direct buyers, BTC Miners need capital in the form of strong computer hardware, electricity costs, and cooling machines. The reason is, this mining process will last 24 hours so that the results are maximized.

The performance of the BTC miner device can be measured by the Hash Rate that has been achieved. This computing power meter is calculated using Megahashes, Gigahashes and Terahashes per second. Bitcoin mining tools evolve from CPU, GPU, and FPGA Mining. Now BTC miners are made easier with the presence of a more compact system called ASIC Mining.

The abbreviation taken from the word Application Specific Integrated Circuit utilizes hardware with a special chip to mine Bitcoin. The appearance is also much more attractive although of course the price is still very expensive at this time. There are a number of ASIC-based mining hardware that are often recommended for BTC Miners.

In addition to being easy for beginners to use, this hardware can also provide the best results when combined with adequate software, as reported by coinswitch

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